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I was well aware that fans were not going to want to boycott their teams

Ingram was the last first-round pick of the A.J. Smith era, which in theory could mean general manager Tom Telesco might not be as inclined to pay big money for Ingram.

Considering the improvements in the Chargers¡¯ pass rush from 2015 to 2016, however, the team will have to think long and hard about whether it can afford to lose the 2012 first-round pick. Ingram teamed with Joey Bosa to form one of the best edge rushing pairs in all of football. Being able to retain the linebacker and keep one of the league¡¯s strongest front sevens intact would be huge for the Chargers, new head coach Anthony Lynn and his defensive coordinator Gus Bradley.
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Senator [Tom] Coburn has indicated there is enough money there to be worth going after. My personal feeling is, I’m just a fan and I want to feel good about the game I support. Why not just do the right thing, get rid of sweetheart deal with the IRS and let the tax attorneys sort out the rest? If it isn’t that big of a deal financially to them, why do they fight so hard to keep it? The league has grown to a point where it can support itself perfectly well. It’s time for it to evolve.

I was well aware that fans were not going to want to boycott their teams. I know what these teams mean to the cities they play in. And at that point in time, there was no indication that we could get corporations to pull sponsorship from the NFL. So the only way I saw to get a message to the NFL — via their pocketbooks, which is what they seem to understand most — was to go after their tax-exempt status. What I did not anticipate is that so few people were aware that the NFL was a non-profit, and that the petition would serve as an informational device to get that word out.
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What are the NFL’s arguments for keeping its tax-exempt status, beyond convenience and the fact that they’ve had it since 1966? Have they engaged with the petition or the cause at all? And what rebuttal, briefly, would you make against the idea that the NFL should have this status?

Troy Vincent told Adrian Peterson he would not be subject to new personal conduct policy

Adrian Peterson was told by the NFL that he would not be subject to the league’s stricter personal conduct policy before being handed an indefinite suspension, according to Bloomberg News. Peterson submitted a transcript of his conversation with Troy Vincent at his suspension appeal hearing, in which the NFL’s vice president of football operations reportedly let Peterson know, in no uncertain terms, that the running back would not be subject to the league’s automated six-game suspension for first-time offenses of domestic violence.

“So remember this, A.P.,” Vincent reportedly told Peterson. “You’re not, today, you are not subject to the, to the new Personal Conduct Policy.”

Peterson was suspended for the rest of the 2014 season, and perhaps longer, in November upon pleading no contest to misdemeanor assault charges, resolving his indictment on felony child abuse charges in September. Conveniently, the Vikings had six games remaining in the season when the NFL suspended Peterson, suggesting that, despite Vincent’s assurances, the Minnesota Vikings running back was subject to the new personal conduct policy.

Vincent confirmed that he made those assurances during his testimony in front of arbitrator Harold Henderson. Via Bloomberg:

Jeffrey Kessler, an attorney for Peterson, asked Vincent: “My question is you were telling him he was not subject to the new Personal Conduct Policy; is that right?”

Vincent responded yes. Asked how he knew, Vincent said, “I was just taking that based off when his crime was committed.”

Said Kessler: “Your understanding as the Executive Vice President of the National Football League, in your position, was that the new Personal Conduct Policy would only apply going forward, correct, not the past behavior?”1

Tom Coughlin tiptoes around commitment to Blake Bortles

Blake Bortles #5 of the Jacksonville Jaguars calls a play during the first quarter of a game against the Tennessee Titans at LP Field on October 12, 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee.
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Elite Mens Mika Zibanejad Jersey For the most part, the Friday Tom Coughlin process was quintessential Tom Coughlin. Direct. Candid but guarded, and candid about being guarded. On one of the first questions, however, Coughlin was asked a direct question and evaded it.

Asked whether he is committed to Blake Bortles as the team¡¯s starting quarterback, Coughlin opted not to say ¡°yes¡± or ¡°no.¡± The end result was a convoluted way of saying, ¡°Maybe.¡±

Until Friday, it was unknown where exactly in the fourth round the Patriots would have to forfeit their pick. Although they lost their pick, the Patriots will still have at least one fourth-round pick on April 29 because the team had a total of two picks before the forfeiture was announced.
The Patriots weren¡¯t the only team that learned of a draft punishment on Friday. The Giants also got hit with a small penalty relating to their walkie-talkie scandal from December.

Just before Christmas, the league announced that the team would be fined $150,000, plus coach Ben McAdoo would be fined another $50,000 for using an illegal walkie-talkie during the fourth quarter of a game against the Cowboys.

At the time, the NFL also announced that the Giants fourth-round pick would drop several slots. When the season ended, the Giants were supposed to have the 130th overall pick in the draft. However, due to the penalty, the Giants will now pick 140th overall.
The good news is that we now never have to talk about Deflategate again, except on draft day, when everyone will mention it after the Patriots¡¯ forfeited pick officially passes by.

Galette is signed with the Saints through 2019 and is due a $12.5 million roster bonus on March 12.

Things go poorly from the beginning. The family is asking Nick and Vanessa where they¡¯d live after the show if Vanessa wins, and they¡¯re both like, ¡°We don¡¯t know.¡±

Authentic Youth Jose Altuve Jersey It¡¯s weird that Nick doesn’t have charcoal stripes across his face because Vanessa’s family is grilling him. They¡¯re essentially like, ¡°Wow, you guys really haven¡¯t talked about anything besides your feelings, have you?¡± And Vanessa is starting to get shook, because she¡¯s like, ¡°Uh, wow, no. We haven¡¯t.¡±

Sorry. That¡¯s a lie. He doesn¡¯t. But that¡¯s the sentiment he conveys when he delivers the line of the night to the camera:

¡°I got to know him a little better, and I said he¡¯s a nice guy. I am so happy. I think Corinne is the lid to Nick¡¯s pot.¡±

Oh, my God. Is this a metaphor for Trump¡¯s administration? Are we ¡ª draining ¡ª the swamp? Is this commentary on the need to protect our natural wetlands now that the EPA is run by someone who doesn¡¯t believe in global warming? Help, I think I’m short-circuiting!

Kids Connor McDavid Jersey Galette is signed with the Saints through 2019 and is due a $12.5 million roster bonus on March 12. His total cap charge for 2016 is $15.45 million, per Over the Cap. However, because of the structure of his contract, releasing Galette would account for $16.2 million in dead money against the Saints’ cap next season.

The fifth-year linebacker had 45 tackles and a team-best 10 sacks in 16 games for the Saints this past season. He was the team’s highest-rated defensive player in 2014, according to Pro Football Focus’ grading system.

The Raiders have been working with the city of Oakland for over six years on their own proposal. With no public funding available, the possibilities in the East Bay are slim, at best.

The Los Angeles market is attractive to both teams because of its size and built-in fan base. The Raiders called Los Angeles home as recently as 1994 while the Chargers began their existence in the Los Angeles Coliseum in 1960.

Seahawks expected to make Russell Wilson NFL’s highest-paid player

Adrian Beltre Jersey The Seattle Seahawks aren’t taking a break after this year’s Super Bowl. Contract talks with quarterback Russell Wilson are expected to begin after the game (probably not immediately after, but soon enough) and they are expected to make Wilson the highest-paid player in the NFL, according to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network.

Seattle’s front office has been preparing for Wilson’s contract extension ahead of time. Trading Percy Harvin cleared out some cap space, and getting deals done ahead of time with defensive end Cliff Avril and linebacker K.J. Wright also helped give the team room under the cap and stability for the roster. Reports of a contract extension for Marshawn Lynch surfaced this morning. If Lynch and the Seahawks can agree to a deal, it would also free up money for a larger Wilson contract.

Free safety Earl Thomas suffered a dislocated shoulder during the NFC Championship win over the Green Bay Packers, which caused him to miss a series before returning to the game. He was a full participant in practice every day leading up to the Super Bowl, and is listed as probable. He told reporters on Wednesday that his shoulder is fully healed and he’s ready to go for Sunday.
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Starting right tackle Justin Britt, who missed the NFC title game with a knee injury, is probable to play after fully practicing each day this week. Running back Marshawn Lynch (back) and guard J.R. Sweezy (ankle) also were listed as probable on Friday’s injury report, but were full participants in practice and are expected to be ready for the Super Bowl.

No Seahawks have been ruled out, and no one is listed as questionable or doubtful for Sunday night’s big game.

Kevin Love is out six weeks after a knee scope. Wounds are adding up for the Cavaliers

A score between roughly 89 and roughly 98 translates to a four-star grade, meaning the average signee in each of these classes was essentially a mid-four-star.

But classes are differently sized, based on scholarship availability, current regulations, and other factors.

The biggest issue is that the tag strips players of almost all leverage during a time when they’re hoping to cash in on big seasons. Getting tagged essentially locks you in with your current team for one year, with little hopes of testing the free agent market.

Granted, there’s the “non-exclusive” tag, which gives players the right to negotiate with other teams, but there’s a major catch — if an opposing team makes an offer the original team doesn’t match, they give up two first-round draft picks as compensation. Those are incredibly huge assets to give up for one player, so naturally, teams generally don’t make the jump. Therefore, the player is stuck with his team even under the non-exclusive tag.

Welp. Kevin Love is out six weeks after a knee scope. Wounds are adding up for the Cavaliers. LeBron remains confident as long as he is healthy. The concern at this point is that LeBron will be exhausted before the playoffs even begin. Here’s Tom Haberstroh making the strong case that LeBron should be taking entire games off.

“It was tough,” Strop said. “We had some tough moments. But our fans have always been there, even when we were losers, so I’m really happy for Cubs fans.”

They are no longer lovable losers, and outside the clubhouse, the fan base is preparing for a spring training like no other. It will be a six-week lovefest unheard of at this time of year.

“In the clubhouse, there is a buzz,” newcomer Brian Duensing said. “Outside the clubhouse, there’s a buzz. You can definitely tell there’s something different down here than other places. … It’s exciting. This atmosphere rubs off on you. You just want to be part of it.”

Siemian and Lynch will work in the same playbook

Which quarterback should they go after? It’s too early to say. I would be skeptical of Mitch Trubisky and Deshaun Watson given the early scouting reports, but if the Bears have glowing reviews on one or the other, this would be the year to take one with the third overall pick. Sending the third overall pick to the Patriots for Jimmy Garoppolo would be too much, but the Bears could piece together an offer with the 36th selection and the extra fourth-round pick they got from the Bills in the Reggie Ragland trade.

Tony Romo would make less sense, and it’s hard to imagine the Bears going after Colin Kaepernick after they watched his worst start of the season last year, but Tyrod Taylor would be feasible if he’s cut by the Bills, as expected. Regardless of the specific passer, the Bears should take their shot at solving their quarterback conundrum this year.
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Siemian and Lynch will work in the same playbook, but they are different players with different levels of experience in NFL offenses and different physical skills. Former Broncos coach Gary Kubiak, who picked Siemian as the team’s starter last season, saw him as more NFL-ready. He believed he has the ability to handle “a ton of information” for quicker decision-making and a better ability to throw the ball on time.

But Kubiak also saw Lynch’s physical abilities and size as assets. Kubiak said earlier this month the learning curve remains a little steeper for Lynch, who did not call plays, use many audibles, play under center or work out of a huddle at the University of Memphis.

Duke Johnson Game Jersey That means McCoy and quarterbacks coach Bill Musgrave will have to adjust for each player. Musgrave, who was the Oakland Raiders’ offensive coordinator last season and who hired McCoy for his first job as an NFL assistant in Carolina, is another former playcaller.

Joseph has said a major key to the Broncos’ potential success will be how McCoy and Musgrave, who have both called plays before, work together. Broncos tight ends coach Geep Chryst also has called plays previously.

the Broncos were shaky on the offensive line all season

The Chiefs drafted Thomas in 2014 to be their kick returner and offensive gadget player who could be a problem for opponents because he’s fast. Then last year, the Chiefs drafted Tyreek Hill to do those same things, and he does them a lot better than Thomas. Thomas’ impact in his three seasons with the Chiefs has been minimal. Since Thomas no longer has much of a role with the Chiefs, they should either find a team to trade him to or give him his release.
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In 2016, the Broncos were 27th in rushing at 92.8 yards per game and 28th in yards per carry at 3.6. They put in the effort without results given they were tied for 15th in carries at 25.6 per game. And while the decision at quarterback will dominate the narrative around the Broncos, what it will take to repair the run game is far more indicative of what they need to do in the offense’s overhaul.

In short, the Broncos were shaky on the offensive line all season. They didn’t consistently win at the point of attack or protect their young quarterbacks. The Broncos surrendered 40 sacks and far more big hits on Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch.
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And congrats to the one person who had Bo Horvat and Gaudreau making for the best combo in the tournament. Gaudreau curled around the net and found Horvat out front to give the Pacific a 3-2 lead in the final two minutes of the first period.

Ryan Kesler pulled off a veteran move to extend the home team’s lead, banking it off a defender and in.

But Gretzky challenged it for offsides and won! Because All-Star Games must be realistic.

And then Atkinson finished off his hat trick to tie the game up with minutes to spare. Quite a night for a replacement! It was Simmonds with the game-winner, as Holtby and company shut down the Pacific in the waning seconds to secure the win.

NHL scores 2017: Corey Crawford stole the show, and a win, for the Blackhawks

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By all rights, the Minnesota Wild should have been dog tired coming into Wednesday¡¯s game. The Wild had just completed a four-game Canadian road trip that lasted nine days and ended with a hard-fought 4-2 win in Winnipeg.

Instead, the well-rested Chicago Blackhawks got quite the fight after their three-day break, clawing their way to a 4-3 overtime victory. The Wild outplayed and outshot the Blackhawks to extra time, but Corey Crawford was the real hero of the evening.

Crawford saved 35 of 38 shots through 63 minutes of game time, including a fair number of odd-man breaks and breakaways. Overtime in particular was the Crawford show, as the 32-year-old goaltender flashed the pads on multiple occasions to keep the Blackhawks alive.

Ryan Suter on a breakaway…

The game was a return to form for Crawford, who was averaging a .895 save percentage since the start of 2017 in 12 games played.

Carl Banks Authentic Jersey Carter Hutton is lobbying for the Blues¡¯ starting job

Hutton blanked the Flyers on 26 shots, throwing his hat in the ring for the honor of the Blues¡¯ starting goaltender. To be fair, neither he nor Jake Allen have been very good this year, but the shutout is a good conversation starter for Hutton. The pair have been just another goaltending tandem to have shortcomings this season, but head coach Mike Yeo might ride the hot hand and see where Hutton leads them.