Kevin Love is out six weeks after a knee scope. Wounds are adding up for the Cavaliers

A score between roughly 89 and roughly 98 translates to a four-star grade, meaning the average signee in each of these classes was essentially a mid-four-star.

But classes are differently sized, based on scholarship availability, current regulations, and other factors.

The biggest issue is that the tag strips players of almost all leverage during a time when they’re hoping to cash in on big seasons. Getting tagged essentially locks you in with your current team for one year, with little hopes of testing the free agent market.

Granted, there’s the “non-exclusive” tag, which gives players the right to negotiate with other teams, but there’s a major catch — if an opposing team makes an offer the original team doesn’t match, they give up two first-round draft picks as compensation. Those are incredibly huge assets to give up for one player, so naturally, teams generally don’t make the jump. Therefore, the player is stuck with his team even under the non-exclusive tag.

Welp. Kevin Love is out six weeks after a knee scope. Wounds are adding up for the Cavaliers. LeBron remains confident as long as he is healthy. The concern at this point is that LeBron will be exhausted before the playoffs even begin. Here’s Tom Haberstroh making the strong case that LeBron should be taking entire games off.

“It was tough,” Strop said. “We had some tough moments. But our fans have always been there, even when we were losers, so I’m really happy for Cubs fans.”

They are no longer lovable losers, and outside the clubhouse, the fan base is preparing for a spring training like no other. It will be a six-week lovefest unheard of at this time of year.

“In the clubhouse, there is a buzz,” newcomer Brian Duensing said. “Outside the clubhouse, there’s a buzz. You can definitely tell there’s something different down here than other places. … It’s exciting. This atmosphere rubs off on you. You just want to be part of it.”

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