It was an encouraging offseason for the Jaguars.

Marrone isn’t the most exciting hire, but the best thing about him for the Jaguars is that he’s not Gus Bradley. He’s also paired with new executive vice president Tom Coughlin. The three-time Super Bowl winner was the first coach in Jaguars history, and he has returned to help push the team back on track from an executive role.

An offense that redefines itself with a downhill rushing attack could complement an already strong defense that looks primed to be even better in 2017. And not having Bradley on the sideline can only be an encouraging thing at this point.

It was an encouraging offseason for the Jaguars.

But so was last year. And with so much hype derailed in 2016, there aren’t nearly as many ready to jump on the Jacksonville bandwagon again in 2017.

There are so many reasons to believe in the Jaguars now, but I can’t actually buy it. Bortles is still the quarterback and they’re going to have to prove things on the field first before I can trust that anything is different.

I have been rocking back and forth in my chair breathing into a paper bag ever since I saw this music video with Gronk in it, and this is absolutely not a goof. It’s the greatest thing ever.

There is way too much packed into this 3:08 video. We need to slither through this whole dang thing. Hold onto your butts, because this is happening.

The music video opens with a shot of the Vegas skyline before we are shown the interior of a bar. A woman is sitting alone, before Gronk walks in — or walks isn’t the right word. He saunters up.yankees_1179_40942faa042d5251-180x180

Seahawks’ window hasn’t closed … yet

By most objective measures, the Seattle Seahawks’ 2016 season was a success. They went 10-5-1, won the NFC West title, and advanced to the Divisional round of the playoffs. A lot of teams would love to have that kind of year.

However, the Seahawks were merely good, not great, which feels like a disappointment after a string of dominant performances. The core team that went to two straight Super Bowls (and won in 2014) is largely intact, but there are some cracks starting to form in the foundation.

Game Womens Ja’Wuan James Jersey It’s devastating when you see this in a 25-year old,she said. What our job is, as American citizens, is to maintain the health of these young athletes for the entirety of their life. If there’s something we can do to limit this risk, it needs to be done immediately.”

With that, it was the NFL’s turn. Generally, the league, to that point, had denied McKee’s research and argued that science doesn’t point to a link between CTE and football. Except Schakowsky’s question to Jeff Miller, the NFL’s senior vice president for health and safety, melted the football empire’s stone wall.

The answer to that question is certainly yes …,Miller said.

While the Texans managed to win the AFC South and reach the Divisional round, it was obvious they were headed for a divorce from Osweiler. Sure enough, on the first day of free agency, the Texans banished Osweiler to Cleveland in an NBA-style salary dump trade.
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Since O’Brien arrived in 2014, Houston has had eight different starting quarterbacks, a who’s-who of journeymen, has-beens, and never-weres. We’re talking guys like Ryan Fitzpatrick, Ryan Mallett, Case Keenum, Brian Hoyer, and T.J. Yates. Even Brandon Weeden showed up for one start, to give you an idea of how desperate Houston was getting.

Reviews were mixed on Arenado entering the 2009 draft

In effect, Osweiler received 12.5 percent more money to derail his career by choosing Houston over Denver. I said at the time it would be short-sighted to leave a championship team for a few million dollars more elsewhere. The difference between $16 million and $18 million per year was not going to be a life-changer. (And his agent probably could have negotiated significant performance incentives to bridge that $2 million-per-year gap.)

L.C. Greenwood Game Jersey Whether it was greed, ego or just a bad decision, it was a mistake. Now Osweiler sits on the roster of the worst team in the league, and Cleveland is ready to dump him.

Making matters even worse for Osweiler was the story about that locker room confrontation with O’Brien during Houston’s regular season finale against Tennessee. Osweiler reportedly questioned the coach’s decision to put him in the game when starter Tom Savage suffered a concussion, and things supposedly got heated to the point that Osweiler tried to walk away and O’Brien held up his arm to stop him.

Dion Lewis Authentic Jersey Reviews were mixed on Arenado entering the 2009 draft. He’d played mostly shortstop in high school, but he didn’t fit that profile. Some teams viewed him as a potential catcher, based on his frame and strong throwing arm.

Pedroia was a stud at Arizona State (he was a Golden Spikes Award finalist), but his small stature meant he didn’t fit the draft profile for many teams. Oops. The Red Sox were quickly rewarded for their choice; Pedroia reached the majors by 2006, won the AL rookie of the year award in 2007 (and the Sox won the World Series) and won the AL MVP in 2008.

Fans will turn away because MLB has failed to sufficiently entertain them.

Authentic Kids Randall Cobb Jersey Again, every voter is entitled to their own opinion and every voter can use their ballot to vote according to that opinion. It’s their prerogative. But a vote for two or three or four players, with this year’s class overflowing with qualified candidates who meet the standard of the 246, is a vote that reflects some misguided notion of what the voter wants the Hall to be, instead of the reality of the Hall.

Fans will not turn away because a game takes 3 hours 10 minutes instead of 2 hours 55 minutes, or because they don’t get why a guy laid down a sac bunt in the third inning. Fans will turn away because MLB has failed to sufficiently entertain them. And in today’s full-throttle entertainment culture, it’s going to take more than pace tweaks, nuance and nostalgia to keep people watching.

Authentic Kids Frank Zombo Jersey It’s not just about seeing more homers, or more runs, or more sparking defense. No, it’s about fun — specifically, fun in the way that the NBA and NFL are seen as fun to the casual fan. It’s about the overall viewing experience, personalities and flash. It’s about that spectacle.

Casual sports fans — including, perhaps most importantly, America’s youth — will not look to baseball to entertain them when they’re far more easily wowed by the NBA and NFL. In other words, many more kids today likely fantasize about being the next LeBron James or the next Tom Brady than being the next Kris Bryant or the next Mookie Betts.

Baseball has personalities, and it could have flash. The only problem is that both of those are actively discouraged in the name of playing the game the right way.

Some thought Allen would declare for the draft following his redshirt sophomore season.

Once the draft is complete, a number of undrafted players will sign contracts with teams in rapid fashion. Each contract will be three years in length for the minimum salary each year, but the guarantees of those contracts vary wildly. Most receive small guarantees under $5,000, but some will receive better guarantee packages than late draft picks, with teams guaranteeing upwards of $100,000 of a player’s salary.

Going undrafted has other advantages, too. An undrafted free agent can choose his team and best situation to fit his skill set. Every UDFA is eligible for the restricted free agent process, which can mean a huge fourth-year salary.

Sam Darnold, QB, USC: The 6-4 Darnold will be among those considered for the top pick if he decides to come out. He threw for 3,086 yards with 31 touchdowns and nine interceptions as a redshirt freshman.

Christian Kirk, WR, Texas A&M: Kirk could be the top receiver in next year’s draft class. He’s only 5-11, but has excellent speed and is very elusive in the open field. He has 163 receptions for 1,937 yards and 16 touchdowns. He’s also dangerous as a return specialist and has five punt returns for touchdowns.

Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA: Rosen will be entering his third season for the Bruins and has the prototypical size at 6-4, 218 pounds. He’s a strong-armed quarterback who has thrown for 5,585 yards with 33 touchdowns and 16 picks.

Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming: Some thought Allen would declare for the draft following his redshirt sophomore season. He’s 6-2, 222 and threw for 3,203 yards with 28 touchdowns and 15 interceptions in his first season as a starter.

MLB’s first month offered up some exciting, surprising statistical gems

Anthony Rendon put an impressive cap on what was a pretty wild first month of the season, going 6-for-6 with three homers and 10 RBIs on April 30 in the Nationals’ 23-5 victory over the Mets. Not bad, especially when considering Rendon had zero homers and only five RBIs in his first 22 games of the 2017 season.
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Now let’s shift back to 2012: When a Rockies starter was able to go five or more innings under the organization’s constraints (either in a four- or five-man rotation), the team’s record was 24-16. That was an exceptional split for a team that finished 64-98 overall. When a starter failed to go five, regardless of how effective he was, the Rox were 15-42.

The pitch counts helped keep Colorado starters from going much beyond five. Only Chacin reached seven innings in a start and he did that just once, and on just 74 pitches. Rox pitchers lasted more than five innings just 16 times total in the 97 games.

Youth Ted Larsen Jersey At the very least, Samuel is marketing himself well. It’s up to the team that drafts him to make him fit. Considering the coaches in attendance Thursday — including New England’s Bill Belichick, Pittsburgh’s Mike Tomlin, Baltimore’s John Harbaugh and Cincinnati’s Marvin Lewis — the possibilities for Samuel are enticing.

At Ohio State, Samuel was often compared to Percy Harvin, the Holy Grail comparison for every H-back under Urban Meyer. The production between the two players at the college level was close, the only difference being that Harvin did it for two years.

‘Dancing With the Stars’ 2017 cast: David Ross is first MLB player to compete

Mens Rajon Rondo Jersey David Ross is a two-time World Series champion and will be a forever-beloved Cubs catcher. Add Dancing With The Stars cast member to his retirement resume.

Ross, 39, was never named an All-Star in his 15-year career with eight teams. But now he’s the first MLB player to compete on the athlete-dominated reality television show.
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In trading baseball for Mirrorball, Ross does have stiff competition, mainly from two Olympians — gold-medal gymnast Simone Biles and silver-medal figure skater Nancy Kerrigan.

Comey, in his metaphor for Russia’s alleged interference in the election, explained the nation’s hatred for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was so strong that the Russians backed the Republican nominee, who happened to be Trump.

Trump, coincidentally, never misses an opportunity to tout his friendships with Patriots owner Robert Kraft, coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady.

Later, Comey clarified his Patriots comment, stating New England represent(s) sustained excellence, and as a Giants fan that drives me crazy.

Leave it to the FBI director to compare controversial American politics to football.

With those four gone, the Mariners’ starters for the near future line up like this: Gallardo on Wednesday against the Phillies, then at four-game set in Toronto starting Thursday with Chase De Jong, Christian Bergman, TBD and Ariel Miranda set to get the ball. The Saturday start could go to Sam Gaviglio, who was called up from Triple-A to take Iwakuma’s roster spot. He has a 3.31 ERA in five starts for Tacoma this season, but has never pitched in the majors.

OTA season is here, and ‘voluntary’ still does not mean ‘mandatory’

The NFL’s OTA season begins next week. That’s always a good time to review the definitions of voluntary and mandatory.

The former refers to the workouts the next three to four weeks. Mandatory describes the veteran minicamp teams will hold the first two weeks of June.

For help, here’s what, the popular dictionary website, says voluntary means. It even uses it in a sentence: Participation in the program is completely voluntary.

It’s as if they know what time of year it is. Or, it’s as if they know some player, coach, executive, reporter, commentator or fan is about throw a full-scale tantrum over a player missing a voluntary workout.

Game Womens Brandon Doughty Jersey For example, Derrick Henry, who was torn a new one last month by Titans teammate Jurrell Casey for not being on hand for the first day of the offseason workout program.

Elite Kids Adam Gotsis Jersey It definitely puts that little check mark in the back of my mind and lets me know who I can count on, who I can’t count on, Casey said, according to the Tennessean.

The Rays are coming off a down 2016, when they hovered around .500 until July. This season will likely play out the same way. The Rays traded Drew Smyly and Logan Forsythe, but didn’t attempt to trade third baseman Evan Longoria, who is entering the big-money years of his contract. It wouldn’t surprise many if the Rays ended up trading Longoria at the deadline, but as far as their offseason is concerned, not much action here.

Jets WR Robby Anderson arrested in Miami for fighting with cop, reports say

Jets wide receiver Robby Anderson was arrested over the weekend at a music festival in Miami after allegedly fighting with a police officer, according to multiple reports.

The former Auburn defensive tackle welcomed a newborn son Friday night… and shortly after, as he held his new child, he got a call notifying him he had been selected in the third round (No. 93 overall) by the Packers.

A first-team All-SEC selection as a senior, Adams will contribute right away for the Packers. Here’s the scouting report on Adams, courtesy of Omnisport’s Ron Clements: “Adams was sometimes unblockable at the Senior Bowl. He’s strong with powerful hands and moves well for a guy who’s 6-3 and 308 pounds. He’s explosive off the snap and can be dominant, with great penetration to alter runs or disrupt pass plays.”

And here’s the scouting report on Adams’ newborn child, courtesy of parents everywhere: The baby will cry… there will be dirty diapers … almost certainly a few tantrums. But there will too many wonders to even count. Cherish every moment.

The problem, he said, was that the business grew too fast: too many employees of whom he couldn’t always keep track, and too many jobs accepted with not enough clients paying on time, or at all.

The results were predictable: He started using his personal resources to pay bills, and eventually, when multiple problems arose on a big assignment in downtown Baltimore, what little safety net he had collapsed.


NFL Draft 2017: Packers’ pick Kevin King explains decision to return to Philly for Day 2

Unlike Peppers, Foster carried a little more so-called character concern. He got passed up by many teams who could have used him, including the Bengals, Cardinals, Colts, Redskins, Lions and Raiders.

Expect him to pay off for the 49ers and make everyone else pay for not taking a sure tackling machine.

Cornerback Marlon Humphrey was the first taken, and that was No. 16 to Baltimore. Along with Howard and Foster, one-time projected first overall prospect Jonathan Allen fell to No. 17 (Redskins). In the end, it was nuts to see that many teams ignore high-level, pro-style talents out of Nick Saban’s program.

Kevin Durant Authentic Jersey New Packers corner Kevin King was projected as a first-round pick, but didn’t get the call Thursday in Philadelphia.

Authentic Mens Dave Casper Jersey King was the only player — who didn’t get drafted in Round 1 — returning to the green room for Day 2. The four other attendees who weren’t called on Day 1 (DeShone Kizer, Cameron Robinson, Malik McDowell and Chidobe Awuzie) all decided to skip Rounds 2 and 3 in Philly.

King was in good spirits, especially after being selected by the Packers with the first pick of the second round (No. 33 overall), and explained his decision to attend again before Friday night’s events began.