Falcons-Lions national anthem performer Rico LaVelle Jersey takes knee, raises fist

Sunday’s protests throughout the NFL in the wake of a series of tweets from President Donald Trump did not stop with players, coaches and executives. Rico LaVelle, who sang the national anthem before the Falcons-Lions game in Detroit, took a knee and raised his fist at the end of his performance.

Falcons owner Arthur Blank and Lions owner Martha Ford linked arms with players of their respective teams on the sidelines during the playing of the Star-Spangled Banner, according to The Atlanta Journal Constitution.
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Brandon Mebane Limited Jersey In what ESPN’s Adam Schefter called an “unprecedented” day of protests in the league, players in every game could be seen kneeling or linking arms (or both) as a reaction to Trump’s NFL-related tweets, which began Saturday and continued Sunday morning.

Danny Trevathan, Chicago Bears linebacker: “This is history right here. Last night I prayed to God and asked the question, ‘How do I want to be defined?’ How do the 2017 Bears want to be defined — as men? Not as individuals, but men. They’re going to look at our record, of course we want to win the game, but how are they going to look at us in this situation, how do we stand as a team. I was proud of everyone that stood up and said their peace.

Demar Dotson, Buccaneers offensive tackle: “I voted for Trump but through the last couple months, man, I kinda wish I didn’t vote for him. He’s definitely not doing a good job holding down the office of the president … He’s doing a real poor job. It’s almost like he’s going out of his way to create enemies. I don’t know what he’s doing, what his purpose is, what his plan is but he’s not a good president right now.

“That’s one of the biggest things — the non-stop tweeting. He needs to worry about some of the problems in our country. He’s a poor president right now.” Dotson stood with the majority of his teammates.

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