Falcons free throw TD celebration was so good, NBC played the ‘NBA on NBC’ theme

After Austin Hooper’s long touchdown reception in Week 1 against the Bears, Hooper and his teammates took advantage of the NFL’s new relaxed rules on group celebrations. In their home opener, they did it again.

Devonta Freeman capped off a nine-play, 86-yard drive with a 1-yard touchdown run. Freeman celebrated with left guard Andy Levitre, who served as a hoop while Freeman shot a free throw.

NBC even played the old NBA on NBC theme, “Roundball Rock,” in honor of Freeman’s celebration.

That’s the kind of thing opponents usually look for: trends that give them an idea what a team will do with certain looks in certain situations.

So why did the Patriots rush five there?

“Analytics. When they go through it next week, they’re going to want to say ‘on what percentage do they play man and rush five?’ He just added to that number right there,” Romo explained.

Belichick did that to screw with people. That’s it. He did that to make it even harder for an opponent to try and decipher what they’re going to do.

I’ve been to press conferences with reporters trying to get similar information out of Belichick and settling for monosyllabic answers.

Serious question: If Tony Romo reveals too many of Belichick’s secrets, how long until the Patriots file a complaint with the competition committee? OK, that’s probably not going to happen.

But we got a rare insight into the mind of Belichick thanks to Romo. Is there anything he can’t do in the broadcast booth?yankees_1179_40942faa042d5251-180x180

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