Anthony Davis will not be joining the Celtics any time soon

After what Anthony Davis did in Boston on Tuesday night, it’s easy to understand why Celtics fans are imagining the four-time All-Star forward in green and white.

Davis pushed the Pelicans to a 116-113 overtime win against the Celtics with 45 points and 16 rebounds in 45 minutes of work. That came after he put up 48 points and grabbed 17 rebounds against the Knicks on Sunday. Those back-to-back stat lines place him in rarefied air.

The pure domination of “The Brow” at TD Garden reignited speculation about Davis joining the Celtics, pushing them past the Cavs in the East and raising them to the same level as the Warriors. And it’s not just folks sitting at Boston bars — even the “Around the Horn” crew had some fun with hypothetical trades.

Put him in the trade machine all you want, but the Pelicans would be crazy to throw Davis’ name to the top of the rumor mill. If Davis reaches a breaking point and wants out of New Orleans, then this is a topic worth seriously discussing. Until that time, though, it’s just an exercise in imagination.

Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue has a plan, though, and it involves utilizing Kevin Love more. Since Isaiah Thomas’ return, Love’s role has diminished.

“I know Kevin is playing the 5 and sometimes he has 5s guarding him, but we still got to be able to get him touches and involve him in the game,” Lue said (via ESPN). “I thought tonight he was great defensively, but we didn’t use him as much as we should have.

“But he still played through the game, and I thought he was great. But even in those offensive lulls, we got to still post him against 5s and just see what he can do down there.”

Love finished the night shooting 3-of-10 with 12 points, 11 rebounds and two assists, but in the second half he only had four shot attempts — fewer than Thomas (nine), James (seven) and Jeff Green (seven).

Calgary didn’t let up during a three-goal second period.packers_016

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