NFL free agency rumors: Cowboys will reportedly release Tony Romo barring ‘major upset’

Despite rumors of a trade, Tony Romo will reportedly be cut by the Cowboys, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Schefter tweeted Saturday that barring a major upset the Cowboys will have to release the four-time Pro Bowler.

After Britt made his decision, his social media feed was flooded with people wondering why the Browns? Well, he answered their question.

Ppl ask why Cleveland? Me : why not Cleveland? Why not go somewhere to make a change and start something new.
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That’s certainly an admirable position to take. Instead of joining an already successful team, you go out and build it. That’s exactly what Cleveland is trying to do with its large number of free agent signings along with its stockpile of incoming draft picks.

Meanwhile, reports instantly surfaced that they were trying to trade Osweiler for, yes, more picks. Which presumably also gets back that cap space they spent on him 鈥?which also presumably has cap implications if they can鈥檛 trade him.

They also might end up having to play him. That鈥檚 going to hang over them until they either find another quarterback somewhere, or until opening day, when they have to send someone out there to take snaps.

Limited Mens Zach Brown Jersey So yes, after all this, they still have the same questions: Where will they get their next quarterback, and how 鈥?and are they really going to kick this can down the road again? It looks kind of like the Browns are playing chess, and also like they鈥檙e playing with a live grenade.

The present and future aren’t always determined by the past, even on historically wretched franchises like this one.

North Carolina is situation is different.

Bouye cashed in on his breakout year, as he made a ton of big plays for Houston all over the field last season. Now his wares will greatly boost a rival is secondary, giving Jacksonville a strong duo with 2016 first-round pick Jalen Ramsey manning the other corner.

Now, there are stark differences between Connecticut in 2011 and North Carolina this season. UConn was able to preserve its conference is reputation in large part because it finished the regular season in ninth-place in the 16-team Big East before winning five games in five days at Madison Square Garden, and then six more in the Big Dance.

North Carolina is situation is different. The Tar Heels won the ACC is regular season title by two full games, earned a No. 1 seed for the NCAA tournament, and were one of the betting favorites in Las Vegas heading into last week is first-round action. If UNC cuts down the nets in Phoenix in a couple of weeks, the narrative is more likely to resemble something along the lines of at least there was one legitimate team from that otherwise fraudulent conference than it is actually, we were right; the ACC was great all along.

Regardless, Roy Williams’ third national championship seems like the only way for the 2016-17 ACC to save any portion of its face at this point.

No surprise here, as King is one of the most outspoken and fun players in the NFL. He is never shy about speaking his mind, so he took to Twitter to try to convince Lynch to join the Raiders.

While wearing pink shoes to honor those stricken with breast cancer isn’t a new occurrence in today is basketball world, not everyone is rocking the pink to pay homage.

I am a sneakerhead, and I just want to stand out on the court, Iona is Taylor Bessick stated quietly after the Gaels’ 93-77 loss to Oregon in the first round of the tournament.

I love these shoes, and I am a sneakerhead. They give me a confidence and I know that hardly anyone else has these, so I wear them with pride.

Zach Britton not questioning manager after wild-card loss

SARASOTA, Fla. — Baltimore Orioles closer Zach Britton says he never felt Buck Showalter needed to talk to him about why he didn’t pitch in the American League wild-card game, “or explain it to me or justify his reasons.”

In a 5-2 loss to the Toronto Blue Jays, Showalter used Mychal Givens, Donnie Hart, Brad Brach, Darren O’Day and Brian Duensing in relief of starter Chris Tillman before handing the ball to Ubaldo Jimenez with one out and the bases empty in the 11th inning. Jimenez allowed singles to Devon Travis and Josh Donaldson and an upper-deck home run to Edwin Encarnacion in a five-pitch span to allow Toronto to advance to the American League Division Series and end the Orioles’ season.
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Showalter had a short response to a question about that game: “I don’t even think about it. Supposedly, you [media types] all do. But I haven’t read any of it.”

Lundqvist suffered a strained hip March 7 against the Florida Panthers and has missed three games.

“He’s going through the on-ice process right now with [goaltender coach Benoit Allaire],” Vigneault said, according to “That’s a very important position, so we’ve got to make sure he’s 100 percent.”
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Lundqvist became the first goalie in NHL history to record at least 30 wins in 11 of his first 12 seasons after a win earlier this month.

“He’s going to skate every day unless they feel they need to give him a rest, but I talked to him just before coming here and he’s feeling a lot better,” Vigneault said.

NFL injury roundup: Danny Amendola, Aqib Talib practice again; DeMarcus Ware sits out

As the NFL prepares for Week 8, some teams are fairing better than others in the injury department. The AFC East has been plagued by injuries all season, but the Bills and Patriots have received positive news on some of their most important players on Thursday. Here is the latest injury news from around the NFL:

Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola and cornerback Aqib Talib practiced for the second straight day on Thursday, according to ESPN’s Field Yates. Amendola missed the Patriots’ Week 7 loss to the Jets with a concussion, and Talib sat out with a hip injury.

George Johnson Game Jersey “I hadn’t seen a second of Boise State,” Giannini told Sports on Earth on Monday. “In the NCAA tournament, the challenge isn’t the chronological turnaround, but the familiarity turnaround. In-season game preparation is like getting ready for a dinner with an old friend. An NCAA Tournament matchup is like a blind date.”
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That Explorers squad would go on to a Sweet 16 berth.

The thing to consider is the lower-seeded team a First Four squad would be playing in the actual first round of the tournament doesn’t know much about the opponent. either.

In an interview with CBS during the selection show, Villanova’s Jay Wright said that for higher-seeded teams that have to wait on the play-in game, they don’t have as much time to prep because they don’t know who they’ll play. So everyone’s on a relatively quick turnaround here, and it’s a way to level the playing field for the lower seed. Now, that ain’t helping a 16-seed against a Goliath No. 1, but it isn’t a giant detriment to teams closer in seed.

The higher seed, especially if they’re from a one-bid league, has now played as many as four games that are do-or-die by the time they make it to the First Four, and being able to deal with tourney pressure is a big part of March (see: Vanderbilt).

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6 stats proving the Phoenix Suns are the buzzer-beater kings of the NBA

Devin Booker beat the Mavericks on Saturday night with this game-winning buzzer-beater. Watch this. It’s a treat:

The thing is…the Suns are secretly the most clutch team in the NBA? At least by one measure. They hit buzzer-beaters more than anyone (cool!), and so far they do it exclusively with former Kentucky Wildcats (kinda hilarious!).

Perhaps the strangest phenomenon that exists in all of college basketball right now is the one that surrounds Gonzaga. In two decades, the Bulldogs have made the previously unfathomable trek from “lovable Cinderella” to “lovable mid-major that’s somehow competing with the big boys” to “perpetually overrated team that the media won’t stop shoving down our throats.”

The notion that Gonzaga “always underachieves” is, on its face, false. This year will be the Zags’ 19th consecutive trip to the NCAA tournament. In their previous 18 appearances, they matched or exceeded their expectations based on their seed 12 times.

The memory that sticks out to most Gonzaga nonbelievers is 2013. That year, Mark Few’s team was a controversial No. 1 seed that was pushed by Southern in the first round and then upset by Wichita State two days later. Never mind that the Shockers went on to the Final Four and gave eventual national champion Louisville its biggest scare. The damage was done, and the Bulldogs were labeled as pretenders.

I’m not here to argue one way or the other about Gonzaga’s merits as a No. 1 team or its credentials as a Final Four contender/pretender. I’m just here to tell you what’s going to happen: Mark Few’s team is going to pop up Sunday night as a No. 1 or a No. 2 seed, and America is going to label whichever region it lands in as the weakest of the tournament’s four.16

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Dante Exum ties career highDante Exum ties career high

JOSE Calderon was a member of the Golden State Warriors for just 119 minutes, but he still managed to earn himself a hefty payday.

Ross, who has gotten to know wide receiver DeSean Jackson, also showed his knowledge of the NFL game when he was asked about his value despite being less than 6-foot tall.
“You just look at the history,” Ross said. “We have a lot of great guys who set great examples like Brandin Cooks, DeSean, T.Y. Hilton, Emmanuel Sanders. Those guys are not 6-foot tall and they are very productive. Antonio Brown. He is now the highest-paid receiver in the league and he is not 6-foot. Guys that came before us who have set a great example why (their success) should transfer to guys like me, guys who are not as tall.”

Ross was also realistic when asked what he tells teams that ask about his strengths and weaknesses.

“Speed is definitely a strength,” he said laughing, adding, “My weakness is probably physicality. Just knowing when to be physical, how to be physical because there will be a lot of guys who are going to see me as a smaller guy so they are going to want to press me.”

But he’s not worried about getting physical.

“I played this season with a messed up shoulder,” Ross said. “I will get stronger and continue to keep working.”

Ross knows how hard he will have to work and said the next big step is to improve his “football IQ.”

“I have to be able to know how to read deep coverages,” he added. “I have to be smart and basically work on my craft every single day to get better, continue to get better. Those guys (in the NFL) they know what is going on.”